We accepts orders placed via our website, email or phone. To place an order, we require a purchase order, which includes a purchase order number (if applicable), shipping and billing addresses and method of shipment preferred. Credit card orders are also accepted.

Product availability information is provided on individual product pages. Although we make every effort to ensure a continuous supply of our products, occasional circumstances may force us to discontinue or temporarily run out of a product. If you note on our website, we list the Inventory Status for each product. These include:

  • In Stock: At the minimum, the smallest package size is available for purchase.
  • Pending QC: Product requires further quality control (QC) testing, additional one week.
  • In Production: We are currently manufacturing this compound, please contact us for the lead-time.
  • Please inquire: Product is not in stock, please contact us for the lead-time and any minimum order requirements.

If you require additional information on specific products, you may contact our Customer Service department 

We do have a return policy, which is listed on the Terms and Conditions page.

We do not carry out extensive solubility testing on our products. Typically, we will test the solubility of a product in 2 to 3 solvents, however we do not determine solubility limits.